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Painted Goat Farm

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Painted Goat Farm is owned and run by Ilyssa Berg and Javier Flores, a young couple pursuing their desire to farm, promote sustainable practices and be part of the rejuvenation of local food production and the art and taste of great cheese.

We have a small herd of 70 goats from which we make high quality, natural, fresh and aged cheeses. Our animals have over 100 acres of rolling hills on which they graze, get exercise, and fresh air. To control the taste and quality of our products, only milk from our own herd goes into the making of our cheese. Our entire process is done on the farm in an on-site, goat-size milking and cheese processing facility which we built ourselves. The magical transformation from fresh to stunningly earthy and vibrant aged cheese is done naturally in our underground "cave" - twelve feet below ground level.

You can really taste the milk and herbs and abundant care that went into each batch. This cheese is the freshest, highest quality, and healthy available - direct from our hills in upstate New York.

We will be continuing to offer a Goat Cheese CSA in the New York City area. See "Where to Find" for details or contact us directly.